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Our studio is located in the center of historic Skaneateles Falls, New York. At the turn of the century, "The Falls" was home to a handful of mills and factories powered by the water from Skaneateles Creek. Many of these structures have been restored and are home to diverse manufacturing and technology companies.

The studios and offices of The WDBurdick Company and Burdick Publications occupy what was originally Saint Bridget’s of the Falls Church. Built in 1865, this elegantly simple mission church served the spiritual needs of the area’s residents until the early 1980s. Purchased by our company’s owner in 1989, its restoration took nearly 18 months and serves as an excellent example of successfully blending technology with tradition.

Employees and clients alike find it to be the type of environment that promotes creativity and contemplation. We invite you to visit our facility, take our popular tour and meet our staff.

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